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1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Vision Therapy

Some visual conditions cannot be adequately managed through traditional measures, such as the use of glasses, contact lenses and/or patching. These conditions are usually best resolved through a process known as vision therapy.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized, professionally supervised treatment program designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Vision therapy sessions include special exercises designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control:

  • Eye alignment
  • Eye teaming
  • Eye focusing
  • Eye movements
  • Visual processing

Visual-motor skills and endurance are developed and strengthened through the use of specialized optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms and filters. During the final stages of therapy, the patient’s newly acquired visual skills are continuously reinforced and made automatic through repetition. 

What Can Vision Therapy Address?

Vision therapy can be used to help patients with poor binocular co-ordination. It can also be effective in treating strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Vision therapy can be the solution to many visual problems. Contact Pack Optical today to learn more or to schedule a professional consultation with one of our vision therapy experts.