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1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Our Careteam


Office Manager/Optician

Born and raised in Henderson, TX, Kimberly grew up suffering from nearsightedness. This experience would help spark her interest in entering the field of optometry to help others with their vision problems. Today, she’s an office manager at Pack Optical, and gets to live out her dream on a daily basis!

Kimberly’s first experience working in an optometrist setting was in high school, where she worked for her optometrist. Her task was simply to transfer paper charts, but she was eager to learn even more. Learning and changing people’s lives are her favorite parts of being in the world of optometry. With the technology evolving and rapidly changing, she’s in awe of all of the new concepts and treatments there are to grasp.

In her spare time, Kimberly is very involved with the youth groups at her churches, and enjoys fishing, going to movies and spending time with her family. She has 2 daughters, who she shares a unique bond with – both of them share the same nearsightedness struggles that Kimberly had when she was younger.


Optometric Technician

Daigoru has always been fascinated by optometry. So when the opportunity to join Pack Optical as an optometric technician presented itself, they jumped at it!

After working as a lab tech and phlebotomist for several years, the onset of the COVID-driven pandemic caused Daigoru to explore other areas in the healthcare field. They went back to school to study under doctors in the optometric association and quickly fell in love with the field of optometry. Their favorite part of the field is the uniqueness that comes with treating everyone’s vision problems, since no two pairs of eyes are alike.

A native of Mexico, Daigoru has Latin and Japanese roots, so the ability to experience various cultures growing up helped shape them into the person that they are today. Their interests outside of optometry include trying out new foods and listening to music from various cultures!


Front Desk

While spending several years in the medical field, Yanet would often rub elbows with people in the optometry field. The field of eye care and the eye prof had always been interesting to her, so when the opportunity to join the team at Pack Optical came up, she took it. Now, as a front desk associate at Pack Optical, she gets to communicate with different eye patients every day!

Yanet’s favorite part of the job is being the first person a client encounters on their visit to the eye clinic. She loves greeting people with a big, bright smile and being able to answer any questions they may have. She looks forward to being the first part of their memorable experience.

Born in California and raised in Texas, Yanet grew up with 3 brothers, so she learned a thing or two about fixing cars, changing oil etc and she absolutely loves sports. Her hobbies include going on hikes and enjoying the great outdoors.



When Piper was younger, she struggled with her vision. Then she got her first pair of glasses, and not only did her vision change – her entire life changed. It was then she realized just how important eye health was, and she made it her mission to help other people who suffered from vision problems. Now as an optician at Pack Optical, she’s in prime position to do just that!

Born and raised in Kansas, Piper spent several years in retail before embarking on her journey to the world of eye care. She moved to Texas after her husband’s job transfer, which gave her an opportunity to work at a private practice in Irving, TX. She eventually decided to join Pack Optical because she wanted to be a part of a smaller private practice that would allow her the flexibility to ease her way back into being a full-time optician.

Piper’s favorite part of her job is working kids who are first-time wearers of eyeglasses. She appreciates the looks on their faces when they pick up their frames and are truly able to see clearly for the first time. 

When she has free time, Piper loves spending time with her pets, traveling and hanging out at home. Her favorite activity of all just might be eating the delicious meals that her husband, who is a chef, prepares for her!