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1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

1217 Oak Knoll Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Our Doctors

Alisha Poonawala, O.D.


When Dr. Alisha was in 8th grade, she vividly remembers stumbling across an article that stated, “80% blindness is preventable.” This immediately piqued her interest in optometry and she made it her mission to help people out with their vision problems. Fast forward many years later and she’s now an optometrist at Pack Optical!

Dr. Alisha absolutely embraces the world of optometry because it gives her the chance to change people’s lives on a daily basis. She also loves educating her patients on various options to treat their eye conditions. Whether a pair of glasses or contact lenses, she enjoys helping patients figure out what choice is best for their individual lifestyle.

Born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dr. Alisha is a true, proud Texan. She attended Baylor University in Waco, TX, before going to optometry school. She briefly moved to Idaho to work at a private practice, but home kept calling and she eventually found herself back in Texas.

When Dr. Alisha has some down time, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods and watching movies. She lives with her husband and they’re excitedly expecting their first child this year!

Brandi Stewart, OD, FAAO

Therapeutic Optometrist

Brandi discovered her love for optometry while she was an undergraduate student at the University of Texas. As a Microbiology major, she decided to help Prevent Blindness Texas by volunteering as a vision screener and working as an optometric technician. This would ultimately spur her to pursue a career in optometry, which would lead to her current position as a therapeutic optometrist at Pack Optical!

What was it about the volunteer position that helped Brandi decide that optometry was the field for her? It was there she became familiar with the different types of vision and neurological problems such as strabismus and amblyopia. It’s also how she realized that vision therapy can help prevent permanent vision loss, struggles in school and permanently improve a child’s quality of life. 

Born in San Angelo, TX and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brandi graduated from local Marcus High School in 2006. In her free time she enjoys going to musicals, swimming, reading and rooting for her favorite teams, the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns. She currently resides with her three cats, one of which only has one eye, which sounds like the perfect pet for an optometrist to own!