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Vision Rehabilitation for Stroke Recovery – How Does It Work? 

Recovery from a stroke can be a long and arduous process, especially in the absence of necessary therapeutic interventions. Unfortunately, a treatment plan that focuses solely on physical rehabilitation and vocational training does not address the communication breakdown that occurs between your brain and your vision. The brain plays a central role in interpreting what […]

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Early Warning Signs of Diabetic Retinopathy You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Diabetes is a treatable chronic condition that requires ongoing monitoring and management. The same can be said for your eye health when you have this condition. Early detection and treatment can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your vision. Read on as a Saginaw, TX optometrist discusses diabetic retinopathy and the importance […]

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What Is the Management of Myopia? 

Finding out your child has myopia or nearsightedness may not be the best news, but, fortunately, it’s easily treatable. Glasses and contact lenses work well at restoring 20/20 vision, however, these solutions don’t treat the underlying cause of myopia. This means your child’s nearsightedness can still get worse if the underlying problem goes untreated.  Preventing […]

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Can Dry Eyes Be Serious?

If you experience or have experienced dry eyes, you’re not alone. Nearly seven percent of American adults live with this condition. Eye dryness happens for different reasons, many of which can be easily remedied, but some can become serious if left untreated. Much like any other health problem, the more often you experience eye dryness, the […]

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