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How Learning-Related Vision Problems Affect Reading Skills in Children

Most people think of vision problems in terms of acuity or the ability to see images and objects clearly. What’s not well-known is vision encompasses a range of functional skills involving how your eyes work together and how your eyes deliver information to the brain. Not surprisingly, deficits in functional visual skills can interfere with […]

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How Vision Problems Can Interfere With Stroke Recovery

As essential as vision is to navigating everyday life, many people aren’t aware of the different aspects of vision that affect our lives. Along with being able to see clearly, your eyes work together with your brain in a functional capacity, influencing your thinking, memory, perceptions, and even your balance and coordination. For these reasons, […]

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March Is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Workplace eye injuries account for nearly 25,000 emergency room visits each year. To help spread awareness about eye safety, the organization, Prevent Blindness declares March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month. This designation is meant to serve as a reminder to employers and workers alike about the importance of eye health and safety. Organizers of Workplace […]

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